Bookeasy Specials

Bookeasy brings you with market leading specials functionality as standard. Specials in Bookeasy will provide website visitors with greater transparency of deals created by accommodation suppliers, which can be listed on your website through the beGadgets. This brings greater value to your website by providing greater choice to consumers over other OTAs.

Various types of specials can be created in Bookeasy, these have been listed below.

  • Amount Discount (discount a fixed dollar from the operators rate)
  • Percentage Discount (discount a fixed percentage from the operators rate)
  • Pay Stay Deal (Offer free nights to consumers based on the length of stay EG Pay for 2 Stay for 3)
  • Last Minute Discounts (operators can offer a last minute percentage or amount discount from their rates. The last minute period is classed at 28 Days

You can also control what suppliers display specials on your site, thus having the final control of what deals display on your website.


The icons which are presented to website visitors when viewing specials have been included below. These icons are simplified for desktop and mobile devices whilst providing a clear indication to the visitor as to what each icon represents.

There are 9 icons:


How does this display on my website?

The beGadgets styling is customisable when adding to your website. This means the icons above can be customised and replaced by the developers to fit in with your site's styling. Outlined below is the default styling to allow you to see how this could be displayed on your website.

Region Gadget (General Accommodation Search)

When an accommodation search is run, consumers are taken to a list of properties. Specials will display when the website visitor hovers over the icons for participating suppliers, stating "Specials Available" or "Last Minute Rates Available".  These descriptions are generic, as the region beGadget displays the best available rate, and the supplier may have mutliple products each with their own unique special applied on their supplier page.

The rates displayed on the region gadget's price grid display hyperlinked as a default, meaning when the website visitor hovers over the rate they are provided with the special's name and description.



The details and map tab views will display the special/last minute icons too. A website visitor can then click the button to be taken to the supplier's page.  The map tab will additionally display the icons on the pop-up when a product's pin is clicked.


Items beGadget (Operator Page Gadget)

When on a supplier's page, the specials information will display when you hover over the icon or the monetary rate for each product listed.  Text will also be displayed under the specials icons, providing a brief description of the special type. EG $20 Discount


If your beGadgets have the in-line parameter enabled, the special description will display as a hover. However on the supplier's page, the special description will be displayed when the website visitor clicks the 'more' button, or clicks on the special icon itself aswell.  These actions will result in the description expanding, with the special offer and room description displayed underneath the product name.  This functionality is ideal for mobile and tablet devices.



Upsell Opportunities

Along with clean styling and enriched information, comes the opportunity to upsell from the supplier's profile page. For example, a website visitor has searched for a 3 night stay, and for the date range searched the supplier has a special offer based on a minimum 4 night stay.  The new specials functionality will display a grayscale icon indicating that a special is available for their dates.



In this scenario, the website visitor will still be provided all relevant information regarding the special. They will also be able to click on the icon, which will automatically adjust the number of nights selected in the gadget to the number of nights required in order for the special to be applicable.

How are Specials Created?

Accommodation suppliers can create the specials from within their Bookeasy console. When adding a new special, suppliers will have the ability to select multiple rate plans, the type of specials and other settings included validation dates, exclusion dates or Booking date restrictions.