Membership Module

The Membership Module is the long desired solution for handling memberships directly from your website!

Developed by beDigital, the Membership Module can provide complete control over your members, allowing you to manage memberships and customer transactions whilst sharing various files, folders, content and modules based on the specific memberships that are subscribed to. You can even share specific website access and content, such as site articles, sections, categories or any other part of your website. The Membership Module is only available for beDigital websites due to the management of information via your CMS, however a hosted solution can be provided for third party sites at additional cost.



Features & Benefits 

Customisable Registration Forms

Using this functionality you will be able to create custom registration forms, allowing you to gather specific information to suit your scenario. All of this is done easily, by using the most common HTML fields, with each field's functionality configurable.

Configurable Membership Extras

Various users have various needs. Why not let them choose exactly what they need? For each membership you can assign extra options that could consist of shared content (content, files or modules). Extra options can be free or payed and even assigned to several memberships.

Bookeasy Integration

Have your members showcasing on your website quick smart! The Membership Module's highly customisable options mean that it can be setup so that when a new member joins for the first time, the system will automatically create a new Bookeasy operator account and console for them.  New members can then proceed to login to their Bookeasy operator console straight away so they can continue to setup their profile, content, images and inventory.

Fixed and Periodic Membership Expiration

You can set a membership to expire on a fixed date, after a specified period of time (from hours to years), trial unique memberships (e.g. once a user has used up a trial they can't renew it or subscribe again to it).

Membership Reports

Understand what your members want via the Membership Module's Reports. Here you can generate Subscriber and Transaction graphic reports and apply all sorts of filters such as time period, customer, membership or price range.

Restrict Content and File Access

The Membership Module can restrict access to basically any internal website URL, whether an article or third party component. It includes built in tools for sharing your website's articles, module positions, folders and even menus. The Membership Module also incorporates a functionality that will allow you to restrict a group of URL's that meet a certain condition that is specified via wild-cards. Sharing files and folders couldn't be easier. The Membership Module offers a simple file and folder selection tool right from within the administrator area.

Export Your Data

With a single click this feature will allow you to export to a CSV file with information from the Subscriptions and Subscribers tabs!

Monetise Your Content

Why not sell access to the configured shared content? The Membership Module's functionality can be extended with various online gateway payment integrations, some of which can be used along with recurring payments. Thus a subscription can be automatically renewed upon its expiration.

Transaction Manager

All membership transactions can be manually or automatically approved. You have the possibility to view detailed, individual transaction data. Transaction, User and Membership-related information will be available, as well as a Payment Log (which will be filled in, if available, with information sent by the payment processor).

CRM Integration

The Membership Manager can be configured to connect to CRM's (such as Infusionsoft) so that all collected data is exported behind the scenes to your CRM automatically.  From there you'll be able to use your CRM to manage your customer data.

Accounting Software Integration

The Membership Module can be configured to work with accounting systems such as XERO, MYOB and Quickbooks.  Dependent on your accounting software of choice, you can export your data and automate queries to your website on a regular basis for payments made, invoices and other relevant customer data.

How Do I Get It?

Due to the highly customisable nature of the Membership Module, feel free to contact the beDigital Team at or (07) 5668 2543 to request a quote.  beDigital will contact you to discuss your requirements whereby a quote can be provided detailing both functionality and implementation.