Bookeasy Touch


It's all about freedom!

Empower your volunteers to make bookings, get your your staff out from behind the counter and increase your access to visitors with Bookeasy's touch screen solution, beTouch. No matter where you go, you'll have Bookeasy's power at your fingertips.  

beTouch provides a self service booking tablet allowing visitors to make accommodation, tour and event bookings powered by Bookeasy.  With an easy-to-use interface, on a device that your visitors will be familiar with, you can empower your volunteers to assist visitors in making bookings.  Or why not install fixed tablets in various locations so visitors can make their own bookings during high demand periods, after hours or even at locations outside of your Visitor Centre?

The possibilities for engaging visitors in your region will be endless...whether your Visitor Centre is represented when attending a local event or engaging visitors in high traffic areas, the power of Bookeasy will be available anywhere, anytime.



  • An easy booking experience with every touch
  • Maximise your destination's earning potential with unmanned tablet devices, or get out and about with your new mobile booking platform
  • Select from an out-of-the-box solution or customise the platform for your destination
  • Less staff to more tablets - one staff member can assist visitors using multiple devices at once
  • Linked with your pre-existing payment gateway
  • Set to only show gold medal operators for instant booking confirmation for your visitors
  • Confirmation and itinerary emailed to the visitor or discuss customised printing options
  • Instructions on how to lock-down your tablet device are provided



reception counter-512   For the Centre:

  • Showcase your destination's product outside of your Visitor Centre
  • Empower your staff and volunteers with an easy-to-use interface
  • Encourage your operators to go-Gold with the incentive of additional exposure through your beTouch devices
  • Use it in your Visitor Centre, or take it on the road!
  • Partner with key attractions or hotels in your region to host a beTouch device - increasing exposure and bookings for all your operators

honeymoon-003-512   For the Visitor:

  • Easy to use platform
  • Acces to the best product your destination has to offer
  • Receive instant confirmation with only gold-medal operators available to book
  • Search available products at their leisure and make a booking without needing to speak with a staff member
  • Make payment by credit card on the beTouch device with full itinerary emailed instantly to them










How it Works

See it in action... check out Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre's live beTouch experience:


Bookeasy's beTouch is a paid add-on, and is offered at a low one-off development fee.  A unique URL will be provided which can be installed on an unlimited number of devices.

Bookings will be tagged as 'beTouch' bookings for easy reporting.

Bookeasy's recommended device is an iPad.  Review Bookeasy's recommended integration options here.