Bookeasy Agents

agent-screenshotDo you have strong relationships within the tourism and travel industry that you should and could be leveraging? Agents might be the perfect solution for you!

An agent is someone or a business that you provision to sell your existing bookable tourism product, and they will receive a commission for selling the product. They might be a travel agent, a tour desk at a hotel, or even a visitor centre or hub that doesn't have their own Bookeasy console.

Utilising the Bookeasy Agents functionality is a great way to increase your region's bookability and reach for very minimal cost. Bookeasy offers the Agent functionality at no additional fee as part of the core booking system.



  • Maximise your destination’s earning potential with an unlimited number of Agent partners booking your products
  • Provide Agents with a dedicated Agent Console to make bookings and view reservations
  • Option to set each individual Agent’s commission structure - percentage or flat fee
  • Agents can be provided with booking access via a number of solutions - destination website, internal agent console or their own custom booking website
  • Destination's can create and pull reports specificially for Agents



reception counter-512   For the Centre:

  • Increase your revenue with more booking partners
  • Increase your destination and operator’s reach - agents can be located anywhere in the world
  • Apply customised commission structures for individual agents - reward high-yield agents by adjusting their commission at any time
  • Receive bookings from agents with no manual work required from your Visitor Centre
  • Agents can book packages - a great way to market your destination’s best-of experiences

honeymoon-003-512   For the Visitor:

  • Agents can be located anywhere in the world, potentially with partnerships with numerous Bookeasy Visitor Centres, opening up a world of travel options!
  • Visitors wanting a traditional face-to-face booking agent experience won't miss out on accessing unique and trusted products in your destination












Example: Destination Website Agent Login:

beGadget Auth Gadget

Example: Agent Logged into Destination Website:

beGadget Auth Gadget Logged In


How It Works

Creating Agents

An unlimited number of Agents can be created through the 'Client' functionality in your Bookeasy Staff Console.

On Your Website

Your developer can find everything they need here to implement the gadget.

If you want to use the Auth Gadget you need to implement it on all the pages you want it to display on. It can also be implemented on the same page along with any of the other beGadgets. You will need to implement it with the providers parameter set to Guest. Unless, you have a specific membership module that needs to be specially built.

You can see a live example here:

A guest can use this login by signing in with a username/password from a previous booking, their personal details should pre-fill the Booking Gadget. Bookeasy Agents can also login using their Agent Console username/password, whereby they can proceed to make bookings on the website which will be linked to that agent.