Bookeasy Tickets

PDF Tickets with Barcoding

Event Operators now have the ability to generate and provide PDF tickets with QR Codes to their guests.  These tickets can also be branded with a custom banner image and logo, and provided to buyers as either an individual PDF per ticket, or one PDF for all tickets purchased.

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Ticket Scanner

Event Operators now have access to a ticket scanner via their Bookeasy Tickets console.  The scanner can be used on a mobile device or desktop computer* which uses the device’s camera or webcam to scan and validate tickets on entry to the event.  The scanner also includes easy access to check entry stats on a ticket, as well as preventing against duplicate ticket entry.


Additional Configuration Settings

Event Operators will now see three additional fields in their Bookeasy Tickets console when setting up their tickets.  These fields can be found under the General tab of their ticket setup screen and are as follows:

  • Venue

Enter the name of the venue and/or address for your event and it will appear on the scannable PDF Tickets provided to guests.

  • Image

Here you can upload a banner image for display on the PDF Tickets provided to guests. The maximum size of the uploaded image will be 2770 x 1008 pixels (ratio of 2.75:1), which will embed the image at 300 dpi (great for printing). If the image size is greater than 2.75:1, the height will be cropped accordingly with the centre of the image being the crop origin (i.e. the top/bottom of the image will be cropped, leaving the middle in the centre). If the image size is less than 2.75:1, the height of the ticket will be scaled accordingly.

  • Attach PDF Ticket to Itinerary

This dropdown provides three options:

    • No

This option will ensure that no PDF Ticket is to be attached to guest itineraries when bookings are made for your event. Suitable when you may be using physical tickets external to Bookeasy.

    • Yes, as individual PDFs

When a booking is made and an itinerary emailed to the guest, this option will attach an individual PDF per ticket purchased.

    • Yes, as a group PDF

When a booking is made and an itinerary emailed to the guest, this option will attach a PDF which will group together and include all tickets purchased.




Q. How do I ensure each PDF Ticket issued has the correct guest name stated on the ticket?

For each ticket you create in the Bookeasy Tickets console, under the Advanced Options tab in your ticket’s setup screen enable the option Guests are required to enter their PAX names when making a booking. This will ensure that ticket holder names are entered for each ticket purchased at the point of sale. As a result, the names will appear on each individual PDF Ticket issued.


Q. Can I use the Ticket Scanner on my mobile device?*

Yes. At launch the Ticket Scanner is available for use on all mobile devices running the Android operating system and all Windows PC’s equipped with a webcam. Functionality allowing the Ticket Scanner to access the camera on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPads running iOS is coming soon!

Q. How Do I Use The Ticket Scanner?

When you’re ready to validate your guest’s QR Coded tickets, login to your Bookeasy Tickets console on your selected device and select the Ticket Scanner menu item. This will open the Ticket Scanner where you will then be asked to select:

- The specific event you wish to validate tickets for
- The specific occurrence for the event selected
- The date of the event you are validating tickets for

If compatible you can also select whether you wish to receive a vibration or have a sound played every time a ticket is successfully scanned. From there just click on the Start Scanning button which will ready your device to start scanning guest PDF Tickets.

To scan a ticket, point your device’s camera to the QR Code on the PDF Ticket ensuring the code is visible within the scanner window. A successful scan is indicated by a vibration and/or sound (beep), whereby the ticket status will be displayed.

Q. What ticket status options will I see when scanning PDF Tickets?

When scanning tickets, you will be presented with the following possible ticket status notifications:

  • Accepted

Provided when an “unused” paid ticket is scanned.

  • Pass-out

Provided when an “accepted” ticket is scanned for the second time, generally when the guest vacates the event.

  • Pass-in

Provided when an “accepted” ticket that has been scanned twice already and has its status set to “Pass-out” is scanned again, generally when the guest wishes to re-enter the event.

  • Payment Required

Provided when a ticket is scanned that has not had full payment processed as yet.

  • Void

Provided when a ticket is scanned that has had its status set to “Void”.

Q. How can I view a ticket’s activity/history when scanning?

After you have scanned the ticket, press the ticket status button and select View Activity. This will display the specific ticket’s history, which includes a timestamp for each processed/scanned activity.

Q. I’m an Event Operator with a Bookeasy Tickets console. How can I view, print or edit the name of one of my guest’s PDF Tickets?

You can view and/or print any of your guest’s PDF Tickets by opening up their reservation in your Bookeasy Tickets console, navigating to the PAX / Booking Questions tab and selecting the View Ticket link for the applicable guest. To edit a ticket holder’s name, select the First Name or Surname for the applicable guest, make your changes and click Save Changes.

You can access reservations via the Ticket Scanner by scanning the ticket, pressing the ticket status button and selecting Edit Booking.